Friday, 16 September 2016

ABOUT MY CREW - Race Across America

Niranjan upasani: Knew him since Oct 2015, awesome driver and navigator, managed the auxillary vehicle very well. He was the crew chief too.

Kishore Gopalakrishna: My school friend, very meticulate in planning and strategy, he was full of commitment, managed to crew even after a busy schedule. He was a major platform for the team logistics. He was mentally very agile. He performed the role of a driver, caretaker, race strategist and so on...., he was all crew members put in ONE, AN ALL ROUNDER.

Prafulla Srinivas: WOW!, was surprised when she voulnteered to crew. She did a major sacrifice of letting our toddler son back in India. She did surprise me the way she handled the crew fatigue and kept the riders morale very high. She was the cook and the medic.

Shreyash Gowda:  He did perform driving, navigation and care taking very smartly. He was geeky and smart.

Gyanendra Sharma: Young and Positive, Absolutely phenomenal Navigation skills, he performed all roles except driving.

Dhanasekaran S: Amazing physiotherapist, he managed all logistics, hard worker, and very positive individual. Performed all roles efficiently.

Venky: Super cook, Race strategist, Driver and he made sure that bikes are in good condition all through out the race.

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